A product of Skyhook Wireless, Loki is a new and unique way of interacting with the Internet. For the first time, your computer can automatically incorporate its exact physical location into your Internet experience. It can also let you quickly, efficiently and automatically share your location with others.

What - and who - is Loki?

By strict definition, Loki has lots of meanings...official, unofficial, silly and symbolic.

Loki is best known as the Norse god of magic and trickery. A bit of a troublemaker, his reputation ranges from being nothing more that an incorrigible scamp to a complex deity whose mix of good, evil, wit and mischief personify the very meaning of chaos....and how to control it.

We like that.

And we like the fact you can actually buy chocolate Loki bars. Isn't the Internet great?

Of course, we also like the fact that its a play on Loci - the latin word for placed or locality.

Location plus trickery. Yeah, there's some symbolism there.

Skyhook Wireless

Founded in 2003, Skyhook Wireless has pioneered the development of the first-ever metro-area positioning system that leverages Wi-Fi rather than satellites or cell towers to deliver precise location data supporting the growing market for location-based services. The Skyhook Wi-Fi Positioning System (WPS) requires no new hardware, works indoors and outdoors, provides an instant location and is more accurate than current technologies in congested downtown areas. Skyhook Wireless is headquartered in Boston, MA and is privately held. Our investors include Bain Capital Ventures, Intel Capital and RRE Ventures.

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